Suite de chœur d'après les incantations dogoriennes ancestrale
Duration: 25 mn
Words / language: Dogorien
Orchestration: Available in 2 versions

1° version
SATB, piano, contrebasse 2 percussions.
vibraphone, marimba, timpani, symphonic bass drum, 2 toms on foot.

2° version / / TimP. / SATB / perc.* / stings
* Marimba, Glockenspeil, 2 toms on foot, symphonic bass drum, Taiko or G.C. small diameter, Cabasa, tambourine, cymbale suspendue, cymbales choquées, Triangle.

Presentation of the work
... It is difficult to know what was the real function of these incantations. The Proszechniak manuscript is rather vague. It appears that these short melodies, and sometimes repeated on throbbing accompaniments, served with mystical Dogorians celebrations, but also cause great collective singing events leading to the development of large dogoriens themes. The "Skaanza" (dogoriennes major holidays) would be born of these ancestral vocal practice. »

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