Opera for children based on the story of Carlo Collodi

Duration: 1h10 mn
Lyrics: Jeanne Perruchon
Language: 2 versions: French and Spanish

Orchestration: 1 flûte/piccolo, 1 hautbois/cor anglais, 1 clarinette/cl. basse, 1 basson, 2 cors en fa, 1 trompette sib, 1 trombone, 1 tuba, 1 harpe, 2 percussions (timbales + claviers + accessoires), violons 1, violons 2, altos, violoncelles et contrebasses.
Stage orchestra : 1 accordéon, 1 percussion.

Pinocchio: children voice (alto)
Geppetto: ténor
Lumignon: children voice (natural)
Renard: ténor or children voice (natural)
Chat: ténor or children voice (natural)
La fée Bleue: soprano
Les Elfes: children voices (soprano et alto)
Pierrot: children voice (alto)
Arlequin: children voice (alto)
Colombine: children voice (soprano)
Mangefeu: bass
Maître cerise / Le directeur du cirque: ténor
Le Grillon / le directeur d'école: baryton martin
Les enfants du village / les écoliers / les spectateurs: chidrens choir (natural voices)
Deux gendarmes: hythmic spoken
Le présentateur du théâtre: spoken




Présentation of the work
Pinocchio is one of the few operas where the main character is played and sung by a child. The lyrical roles for children are rare, and we wanted with Jeanne Perruchon to find a story that allows to value the voices of children and soloists choir while drawing in the popular literary heritage.
"The Adventures of Pinocchio" became quickly obvious. We had, with the story invented by Carlo Collodi, an ideal subject for our project.

The score
There is in thisPinocchio a mix of gstyles. We pass, unbridled way, a lyrical spirit told a lighter language used in traditional musicals
Recitatives are real little "air" for each time of partition is rich and dense narrative. The main choir consists only of children's voices. Adults act as "second" role (Geppetto, Mangefeu, The Blue Fairy, Cat and Fox, Le Grillon, the Schoolmaster ...)
Other roles are played by children (Pinocchio, Tea Light, puppets, school children ...).

The whole story of Pinocchio would have given a three-hour opera if we had not made an adjustment. It is not a summary of the whole story but a selection of chapters and character leaving intact the history of its original meaning.
The score lasts seventy minutes.
This story, which speaks of the difficulty for the child to take these responsibilities to be social while remaining steeped in the innocence of childhood, we really seems to be a modern and contemporary fable.
Regardless of where he lives, a child, since he left his home, facing the mountains "ambushes" and difficult to overcome the temptations of all kinds.
Jeanne Perruchon's words are perfectly suited to children. They are "childish" without "infantile" beings. The lightness of the story comes not hide the hardness of about.


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